Dunlop Destiny Series Rounds 2 and 3 2024 Expression of Interest form

21st of May 2024

CERA will have further information to come out about costs per event as we get the details from the Promoters. For Round 2 at Queensland Raceway CERA is finalising the details with Motorsport Australia being the Promoter, so details such as costs, schedule and media coverage etc., will be released when we have the details and completed the appropriate sign offs. 

Please read the EOI as there is important information and details on the first page. The document is a fill-able PDF that can be filled out on line to eliminate printing and scanning. 

Dunlop Destiny Series Rounds 2 and 3 2024.

20th of May 2024

The CERA Events Team has been working hard in the background following Bathurst to secure the last two events of the Destiny Series. We can now confirm as planned the Round 2 event will be part of the Shannons Speed Series at Queensland Raceway from the 12th to 14 of July. Round 3 will be at One Raceway, New South Wales from the 6th to the 8th of December.

CERA will put up an Expression of Interest on the CERA Website and Facebook page in the next few days. The EOI will also be mailed out to existing competitors and to all CERA State club members.

 Sporting and Technical Regulations released for the CERA Dunlop Destiny Series 2024

15th of March 2024

National Events Calendar Updated

12th of March 2024

Bathurst 6 Hour Excel Support Category 2024 Expression of Interest closed.

2nd of November 2023

CERA is releasing acceptances for Bathurst and or the Dunlop Destiny Series 2024 in allotments of notifications to those that put in expressions of interests in a staged manner over several weeks. CERA is doing this in a way that makes it easier for the Events team to manage the many entry forms and payments that will be coming in over the next couple of weeks. Like all Excel members the Events Team work full-time in other fields so they will process the payments and entry forms outside of normal work hours.

CERA has had a fabulous response from State members, so the decision has been made that as of the 2nd of November expressions of interest for Bathurst are now closed. If more spots become available, we will re-open the expression of interest. We will pass information through the State club Secretaries.

Thank you to all Excel Club members that put in an Expression of Interest.

Dunlop Destiny Series 2024

13th of October 2023

Circuit Excel Racing Association, in conjunction with Dunlop Motorsport, is excited to announce a three-round Series for 2024, which will be known as the Dunlop Destiny Series 2024; the first round will be conducted at the iconic Mount Panorama Circuit over the Easter long weekend, followed by two events at the Motorsport Australia’s Speed Series. One will be at Queensland Raceway in July, with the finale at Sydney Motorsport Park in October.

Through Dunlop’s involvement with the category, Dunlop has created a programme to provide an opportunity for aspiring young drivers to gain experience at a higher level through the Dunlop Destiny Programme. The Dunlop Destiny Programme will only be available to drivers who are under the age of 25. The series winner will automatically gain entry to the Dunlop Destiny programme along with several competitors selected by experts in Motorsport. Final details regarding the Dunlop Destiny programme will be available in due course.

Entry to Bathurst and the other two events is not limited to competitors competing in the Dunlop Destiny program; it’s open to all competitors who are members of an Excel club affiliated with CERA.

There will also be prizes on offer for competitors who are not competing in the Destiny Programme.

Due to our ongoing relationship with the Australian Racing Group and Circuit Excel Racing Association, we have been able to secure the below track time for the Excels as a support category at the Bathurst 6hr event in 2024, which will be round one of the Dunlop Destiny Program.
• two off 20-minute Practice sessions
• one off 20-minute Qualifying session.
• three 30-minute Races
This equates to 2 1/2 hours of track time on the iconic Mount Panorama Circuit and is an increase of 50 minutes from what we received this year in 2023. The event will be held from the 29th to the 31st of March 2024.

CERA Affiliated Club members will receive an Expression of Interest from their State club,

CERA partners with Wildan One Three Pty Ltd (W13) as the Control Tyre Supplier in 2024

2023 Tyre Tender Announcement

27th of July 2023

CERA (Circuit Excel Racing Association), on the 30th of June, received six individual Tender responses presenting seven different tyre options in total. The CERA committee then used a points-based matrix system to rate the information presented within the tender responses against the set criteria. All seven tyre options were judged against the same criteria. Every State, via their Delegate, had input into the evaluation process, and CERA invited an independent person to ensure that the process was judged fairly and equitably.

Due to requests from two Tenderers, the tender responses will not be forwarded to State committees or members. Being an Associated Incorporation, CERA has obligations under Australian law when utilising the Tender system, particularly considering the provisions within the Trade Practices Act; CERA must treat communications of details within the Tenders with the utmost confidentiality. CERA cannot transmit or pass on any Tender documents nor confidential content. All CERA Delegates and the independent person have all signed confidentiality agreements to protect the intellectual property within all the tender responses.

CERA is extremely happy to announce Wildan One Three Pty Ltd (W13) as the successful Tenderer, with the tyre option as the Dunlop Direzza ZIII 195/50R15 82V being the next generation of controlled tyre for the Circuit Excel category from the start of 2024 to the end of 2027. Wildan One Three is the Australian Motorsport Distributor for Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres Australia.

The Dunlop Direzza ZIII will be available at a price of $150 per tyre, including GST; this does not include fitting and balancing. This price is exclusively only for members of Motorsport Australia affiliated Circuit Excel State club members. This will also give club members a genuinely national distribution network with dealers in all States and the Northern Territory as per below:

  • New South Wales: DMS NSW
  • Queensland: DMS Qld
  • South Australia: NTT Racing
  • Tasmania: Fulton Enterprises
  • Victoria: Stuckey Tyres
  • Western Australia: Kostera Tyres

W13 will also help CERA in the category’s marketing via hard copy and digital mediums and through its involvement with other Motorsport categories. This also aligns CERA with other Motorsport categories such as Toyota 86, Super 2 / Super 3 and Supercars that use Dunlop as their control tyre. W13 has also created, in conjunction with a partnership with CERA, the Dunlop Destiny™ concept.

CERA is working closely with W13 to maximise this opportunity for as many competitors as possible. As part of the Dunlop Destiny™ concept, W13 and CERA will work with Motorsport Australia and other promoters to secure three significant level events that will become a Circuit Excel Challenge Series.

CERA is extremely excited about the opportunities the new Control Tyre partnership with W13 will create for the category and all State-based Circuit Excel club members. CERA will provide more information in the coming weeks.

A national media announcement by Dunlop will be published in coming days.

The Supashock CERA Excel Control Suspension Package May 2023

30th of March 2023

. CERA has been asking the Motorsport Australia affiliated State Excel clubs to pass on their priority lists. CERA has submitted priority lists so that orders can be placed straight away. At this point in time this suspension will only be available to members of Motorsport Australia affiliated State clubs, you must be a member of one of these clubs if you would like to purchase Supashock CERA Excel control Suspension Package.

If you are a club member of a Motorsport affiliated State Excel club and require a set of controlled suspension contact your State CERA Delegate and Secretary, please do not contact Supashock. At this point in time it is a limit one set of control suspension per each member for purchase.

Federal Control Tyre Supply

21st of March 2023

The factory that produces our Federal RSR control tyre has unexpectedly ceased production of all passenger tyres. We have enough Federal RSR stock either in Australia or in transit to last until approx. July, there are hundreds available, however the control Federal RSR will remain the control tyre until end of Dec 2023.

CERA has negotiated an interim tyre which will be permitted to be used for 3E Circuit Excel
competition from approximately July. The 3E Circuit Excel Rules will allow both the current control Federal RSR tyre plus the interim tyre to be eligible for competition from July until approximately December.

The control tyre Tender process has commenced to select a control tyre for end of December 2023 onwards, to replace the Federal RSR.

The interim tyre will not be available to competitors for testing until approximately July 2023, and the CERA contracted interim tyre price will not be accessible to competitors until the interim tyre is available in July; we will announce an update on the implementation date and price of the interim tyre in months to come. CERA requests that you do not contact tyre dealers for an interim tyre until CERA announces the date of the tyre eligibility in approximately July.

The current control Federal tyre stocks will need to be depleted before the interim tyre will be eligible for use; the remaining Federal tyre stocks will be controlled and monitored by CERA, currently only those with race meeting entries will be allocated up to 4 control Federal tyres per race meet.


Q. How long can I buy Federal RSR tyres for?
A. Federal RSR tyres will be sold until stock is depleted in approx. July, to be monitored.

Q. How many Federal tyres can I buy?
A. CERA through each State will monitor Federal tyre sales, and sales will be limited to max 4 x Federal tyres for each race meet entry confirmed.

Q. Can I currently use any alternate tyre to the control Federal RSR tyre ?
A. No, not until approx. July when the date for sale of an interim tyre is announced.

Q. What tyre is eligible for CERA use from July?
A. Both the Federal RSR is eligible until Dec 2023, plus the interim tyre is eligible from the date it is announced in the Motorsport Australia 3E Circuit Excel Rules in approx. July, to be monitored and reviewed.

Q. Can I run one of two brands of tyres from July to Dec, as long as I use complete sets of one brand or the other ?
A. Yes, you can still run the Federal RSR in full sets, or the interim tyre in full sets , but not mixtures of each.Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Q. Is the interim tyre a good tyre?
A. Yes, the interim tyre is a Dunlop Direzza, was used in non-MA Excel competition for 3 to 4 years up until last year, and showed similar pace and durability to the Federal RSR tyre, although it is more expensive.

Q. What different do I need to do with my Excel race tyre purchases currently?
A. Nothing different, but just purchase up to 4 Federals maximum per meeting entry, negotiated through your State Club and CERA, and stock will be rotated around the country to ensure all competitors have sufficient tyres.

Q. Why don’t we know an exact July date for the interim tyre availability ?
A. Production of the interim tyre is progressing during April, then shipping and distribution to the States is next; all stocks of the Federal RSR have to be sold first-that is the contract with Federal tyre distributors, this final sale date is unknown, then the interim tyre arrival date in each State is unknown; the July date for the interim tyre availability will be announced in conjunction with the amendment to the 3E Circuit Excel Rules for July.

Q. Can I ask for the interim tyre from my local tyre guy who I know really well, before July ?
A. No; the tyres are in production, and availability, contract price, and use under the 3E Circuit Excel Rules is controlled by CERA; do NOT ask your local tyre dealer until we announce the date for use of the interimtyre.

Circuit Excel back at the Bathurst 6 Hour

24th of December 2022

CERA is extremely happy to announce that we will be one of the Support Categories for the Bathurst 6 Hour 7th to 9 of April 2023 . Please contact your State Secretaries for an Expression of Interest.


29th October 2020

Circuit Excel Racing Association (CERA), the official category of Circuit Excel Racing in Australia, the largest and fastest growing Motorsport Australia category, has announced the winners of the control tyre and suspension tenders from 2021 for the category.

Federal Tyres has been announced as the sole control tyre of the category, having supplied the category for a number of years. Supashock has been unveiled as the control suspension partner, having previously been one of a number of options Excel competitors could choose from.

CERA President John Broadbent said he was proud to announce the new partnerships after a comprehensive tender process over many months.

“We were very impressed with the quantity of submissions from a variety of partners interested in the category, but more impressive for us was the quality of a number of companies who wanted to get involved,” John commented

“The tender process involved not just technical capabilities of the product the competitors would be using, but we also considered the commercial position of the product to ensure our competitors would be getting the best value for money,” he continued

“After lengthy analysis of all submissions, including laboratory testing and some track tests, as well as extensive meetings around commercial implications for our race competitors, we are very happy with the products put forward by both Federal Tyres and Supashock.”

“We are very excited, and look forward to see this roll out to our competitors on January 1, 2021” he concluded.

Oscar Fiorinotto ,  Supashock CEO announced,

“Supashock is proud to support Circuit Excel Racing Australia. With a rich global history in motorsport, and success in the Excel Circuit – Supashock are pleased to be offering a high quality and cost-effective Controlled Suspension Package developed for the Hyundai Excel Racing series.

Supashock believe the Excel racing category to date has provided a fantastic stepping stone for the development of young drivers, and offers a path into the Australian Motorsport industry. To help aid development in the category, Supashock will offer a training program to help mentor and educate young drivers and aspiring engineers.”

Jeff Newick, Motorsport Manager Exclusive Tyres/Federal Tyres said “We are extremely excited to be awarded the right as control tyre for the Circuit Excel Association under Motorsport Australia from 2021.”

“Both Neta Tyre Sales and Service and Exclusive Tyre Distributors have worked closely together to ensure uninterrupted supply to all members in the past and this will continue into the future.”

“We feel the Federal 595 RS-R is the best suited tyre for the series as it ensures ultimate performance and value for money to all competitors.”

“We are both looking forward to a prosperous future with the Circuit Excel Association and its members.” Circuit Excel Racing provides a cost effective pathway into motorsport, catering to everyone from beginners to experienced racers around the country.