29th October 2020

Circuit Excel Racing Association (CERA), the official category of Circuit Excel Racing in Australia, the largest and fastest growing Motorsport Australia category, has announced the winners of the control tyre and suspension tenders from 2021 for the category.

Federal Tyres has been announced as the sole control tyre of the category, having supplied the category for a number of years. Supashock has been unveiled as the control suspension partner, having previously been one of a number of options Excel competitors could choose from.

CERA President John Broadbent said he was proud to announce the new partnerships after a comprehensive tender process over many months.

“We were very impressed with the quantity of submissions from a variety of partners interested in the category, but more impressive for us was the quality of a number of companies who wanted to get involved,” John commented

“The tender process involved not just technical capabilities of the product the competitors would be using, but we also considered the commercial position of the product to ensure our competitors would be getting the best value for money,” he continued

“After lengthy analysis of all submissions, including laboratory testing and some track tests, as well as extensive meetings around commercial implications for our race competitors, we are very happy with the products put forward by both Federal Tyres and Supashock.”

“We are very excited, and look forward to see this roll out to our competitors on January 1, 2021” he concluded.

Oscar Fiorinotto ,  Supashock CEO announced,

“Supashock is proud to support Circuit Excel Racing Australia. With a rich global history in motorsport, and success in the Excel Circuit – Supashock are pleased to be offering a high quality and cost-effective Controlled Suspension Package developed for the Hyundai Excel Racing series.

Supashock believe the Excel racing category to date has provided a fantastic stepping stone for the development of young drivers, and offers a path into the Australian Motorsport industry. To help aid development in the category, Supashock will offer a training program to help mentor and educate young drivers and aspiring engineers.”

Jeff Newick, Motorsport Manager Exclusive Tyres/Federal Tyres said “We are extremely excited to be awarded the right as control tyre for the Circuit Excel Association under Motorsport Australia from 2021.”

“Both Neta Tyre Sales and Service and Exclusive Tyre Distributors have worked closely together to ensure uninterrupted supply to all members in the past and this will continue into the future.”

“We feel the Federal 595 RS-R is the best suited tyre for the series as it ensures ultimate performance and value for money to all competitors.”

“We are both looking forward to a prosperous future with the Circuit Excel Association and its members.” Circuit Excel Racing provides a cost effective pathway into motorsport, catering to everyone from beginners to experienced racers around the country.